alat pelacak motor gps tracker


HARGA Rp.685,000,-(Maaf Sementara stok kosong)

ORDER call or SMS 085777 944 818

Baru dan merek kualitas tinggi,GPS kendaraan, truk, sepeda motor tracker Monitor,Pelacakan real-time , Built-in GSM,SOS alarm tracker akan memberikan perasaan lebih aman

Technical specification:
1. GSM: 900/1800MHz or 850/1900MHz
2. GPRS: Class12,TCP/IP
3. Voltage range: 9-48VDC(can also connect 12/24V)
4. Standby current: 0.2mA
5. Operating ambient temperature: -20C – +70C
6. Work environment Humidity: 20%-80%RH
7. Dimensions: about 55.0(L)x40.0(W)x15(H)mm
gps alat pelacak kendaraan

Installation method:
1. SIM GSM card installation, use your hand to uncover the terminal cover, uncover SIM card slot cover, the SIM card metal side down and put the card into the SIM card slot, then fasten card slot cover, and finally put on the back shell.
2. Terminal chosen & installation
This device is high technical GPS product, please choose the professional organization or person that distributor designated to install and debug.
Please follow the following order to do terminal installation, don’t inverse. In the installation process, please don’t give terminal power supply.
3.1 Motorcycle connection mode: open the battery box and connect 12V voltage. The red line is positive (DC +), joint battery anode, black line for negative level (GND), joint battery cathode.
3.2 Battery car connection mode: battery car is generally 48-60V voltage, there are 4 groups of batteries, each group is 12V. Open the battery box and put 12V battery into it. Battery anode (DC +) joints red, negative (GND) joints black.
1. Usually battery car is 48V, and it can reach to 80V in high speed running process. In this way, the device is easy to be burn off. So it should connect one to two batteries for safe use. Because each battery is 12V, two batteries series will be 24V(equipment normal working voltage is 9-48V).
2. It would be at your own risk if the equipment is burned by not proper installation.

Package included:
1 x GPS tracker
1 x 3P wire
2 x user manual englise & china


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